• Administrative Benefit Software

    We custom configure a cloud-based administrative platform for Self-Insured Employers and TPA's that offers detailed analytics and real-time reporting. Consolidate your benefit vendors, adopt new cost containment solutions that reduce health care spending up to 40%. The best “Next Generation” advanced health planning solutions that help you retain and attract talent.

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  • Benefit-Plan Management

    There are many flexible solutions that have been created in order to simplify HR Administration tasks: HRIS/Payroll Integration, Benefit Plan Optimization Service, and Call Center Support. There's full integration with wellness and incentive programs, 1 login source for healthcare management and access to a comprehensive health information system and much more!

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  • Population Health Mgmt

    Better healthcare management achieved through superior information technology management. Identify and mitigate risk. Lower health-related costs with resources that identify, address and mitigate risk through a single, integrated platform. We combine cutting-edge technology, superior cost containment tactics driven by comprehensive support improving healthcare management across the full continuum of care!

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  • Incentive Management

    Population Health and Wealth Programs are most successful when combined with employee incentives, driven be better healthcare management. Veridence 365, comprehensive health information system, addresses challenges by tracking employee wellness participation with goals and allocating rewards and incentives upon completion.

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  • Financial Wellness

    Lifestyle Risk Calculator, "1 of Kind" behavior management tool, shows how much money is spent on destructive behavior and the effect this has on financial wellness, including lost retirement savings. Benefit from an increase in member engagement, employees can use as a 401(k) and/or HSA account building tool, helping to increase tax advantaged savings for a successful retirement!

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  • Reporting On-Demand

    With unparalleled information technology management, 100% data transparency and virtually unlimited FREE 24/7 reporting, Veridence 365 provides on-demand access to real-time healthcare management. Reporting on pharmacy, healthcare consumption, gaps in care, disease management, predictive modeling and more (using Johns Hopkins University's ACG Program).

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  • Unparalleled Claim Adjutication

    The TPA back end services for TPAs. Technology that specializes in providing outsourced administrative solutions to payers. The primary objective is to increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability for all our clients.

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A-to-Z Healthcare Management

From Eligibility & Enrollment to Comprehensive Population Health Management and achieving 77+% Engagement provides the key elements to increase efficiencies in healthcare management. New and efficient Health Information Systems provide measurable improvements in behavior management and reductions in healthcare need. 

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Guaranteed Cost Containment

Never seen before 100%Transparent Rx reduces spending up to 55%; Reference Based Pricing reduces healthcare procedure cost; Hospital bill auditing finds up to 80% overcharging procedures Population Health Management flattens healthcare spending year after year. Benefit Optimization eliminates over-insured members and self-insured contracts removes insurance company profits, shareholder dividends, and many ACA and State taxes.

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True-Cost Reference Based Pricing

Reference Based Pricing (established by Medicare) equals 100%. Out-of-network can be 16,000% of Medicare, PPO's are 250-400%, a credible Reference Based Pricing vendor will negotiate below 200%, in a self-insured contract you keep the additional discount. WARNING: Very few Reference Based Pricing vendors have trouble-free services.

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