Veridence 365's Population Health Management solution helps lower health-related costs by providing the resources to identify, address and mitigate risk through a single, integrated platform.

We combine cutting-edge technology with comprehensive support to improve employee health across the full continuum of care -- from low-risk, healthy individuals to high-risk individuals with one or more chronic conditions.

Health Risk Assessments

Members complete a 10-minute online survey to determine the status of recommended preventative health screenings, lifestyle risks, and willingness to change unhealthy behaviors.

Biometric Screenings + Lab Testing

Member screenings can be administered at an employer site, a designated laboratory, or at home via mail-in test kits. We offer fingerstick and venipuncture blood draw methods to check glucose and lipids (cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides and cardiac risk ratio), along with recording blood pressure, body mass, waist circumference, and height and weight. Results are provided within minutes and posted to the member portal. Members with abnormal, uncontrolled results receive follow-up contact by a Clinical Health Coach.

Clinical Health Coaching

Veridence 365's Clinical Health Coaches are registered nurses who provide members with confidential support, educational resources and one-on-one attention via telephone, email, and digital coaching modules on the member portal.

Predictive Modeling + Claims Analytics

Rx and medical claims, HRA responses, and biometric and laboratory results are aggregated and analyzed to build a comprehensive risk profile, and provide projections of future cost and risk exposure. These predictive models guide wellness programming, ensuring that resources are allocated where they're most needed.

Disease Management

We offer standards of care-based assessments for the top 20 disease states, address gaps in care and perform compliance gap analysis. In addition, Veridence 365 provides behavioral science-based "readiness-to-change" behavior modification programs and standards-of-care assessments proven to be more effective in realizing long-term adoption of healthy choices.

Campaigns and Incentive Management

We provide the tools and resources to conduct targeted campaigns and wellness activities designed to engage members and influence healthier lifestyle choices. We measure, value, and track participation in health and wellness campaigns with real-time active reporting. Communicate member incentive programs and participation requirements through member portal dashboards.


Real strategy to reduce the number, size and frequency of claims!

  • Imagine how much administration and management improvement could be accomplished by having all healthcare data sources connects, integrated and verified for accuracy instantly through technology.
  • How much simpler would it be to have a single source eligibility enrollment and benefit management portal available to all members, HR Administrators and "live" credentialed wellness coaches.
  • All of your current technology services can be connected to each other through our technology platform. You'll quickly realize how much more efficient this is, and watch your performance and profit increase!