Extraordinary Healthcare Benefit Delivery Solution

Brokers and consultants now have the ability to quickly design and accurately predict health plan performance using new Health Benefits Modeling Software. This program is greatly improving group health plan design, risk decision/stop loss analysis and experience/migration analysis; which can now all be instantly completed by brokers and consultants for their customers. The positive feedback from Health Plan Brokers and Benefit Consulting firms using the software has been amazing.

Functionality includes:

plan design

Real strategy to reduce the number, size and frequency of claims!

  • Imagine how much administration and management improvement could be accomplished by having all healthcare data sources connects, integrated and verified for accuracy instantly through technology.
  • How much simpler would it be to have a single source eligibility enrollment and benefit management portal available to all members, HR Administrators and "live" credentialed wellness coaches.
  • All of your current technology services can be connected to each other through our technology platform. You'll quickly realize how much more efficient this is, and watch your performance and profit increase!