The Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Group (ACG) System offers a unique approach to measuring Population Health Management

The database contains health records of over 90,000,000 persons. Accounting for differences in morbidity profiles or case-mix improves the accuracy and fairness of provider performance assessment, forecasting healthcare utilization and helps to establish more equitable payment rates.

More recent innovations help clinicians target individuals most at risk for high expenditures and provide special tools intended to help identify those most amenable to receiving the intervention. For over 19 years, the ACG System has been the standard for risk adjustment. Based on the premise that clustering of morbidity is a better predictor of health services resource use than the presence of specific disease or disease hierarchies, the ACG System provides a multi-morbidity framework that is clinically logical, informative of future healthcare resources, easy to use and applicable to both financial and clinical managers.

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