• Eligibility & Enrollment

    Easy Benefits Administration! Reduce operations costs and HR tasks, meet regulatory compliance and privacy mandates, manage complex benefits plans, manage payroll deduction and requirements and get ahead of Healthcare Reform. Having a successful Enrollment Eligibility Solution is key.

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  • Benefit-Plan Management

    There are many flexible solutions that have been created in order to simplify HR Administration tasks: HRIS/Payroll Integration, Benefit Plan Configuration, and Call Center Support. There's full integration with wellness and incentive programs, one login source for benefits administration and access to plan information and much more!

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  • Population Health Mgmt

    Lower health-related costs by providing the resources to identify, address and mitigate risk through a single, integrated platform. We combine cutting-edge technology with comprehensive support to improve employee health across the full continuum of care!

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  • Incentive Management

    Population Health and Wealth Programs are most successful when combined with employee incentives. Veridence 365 addresses many challenges by tracking employee wellness participation with goals and allocating rewards and incentives upon completion.

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  • Financial Wellness

    Lifestyle Risk Calculator shows how much money is spent on destructive behavior and the effect this has on retirement savings. Benefit from an increase in member engagement, employees can use as a 401(k) tool, helping plan for a successful retirement!

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  • 1,500+ Reports

    With unparalleled data transparency, accuracy and completeness, Veridence 365 provides on-demand access to real-time pharmacy, medical, disease management, and predictive modeling data (using Johns Hopkins Unversity's ACG Program).

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  • Johns.Hopkins ACG System

    The Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Group (ACG) System offers a unique approach to measuring Population Health Management. The database contains health records of over 90,000,000 persons. The ACG System provides information that is clinically logical, informative, easy to use and applicable.

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A-to-Z Benefit Management

From Eligibility & Enrollment to Comprehensive Population Health Management, Effective Engagement 77+%, Integrating Workers Compensation Risk Management with Healthcare Risk Management, Next Generation Wellness Deliverables, supported with Evidence Based Reporting

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Guaranteed Cost Reductions

International Rx reduces Rx spending up to 55%; Spousal Incentive removes risk; Workers Compensation Risk Management reduces claims; Administrative & Wellness Reduces Healthcare Spending up to 17%

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Workers Comp Risk Management

Workers Comp Risk Management engages 100%; Healthcare Risk Management identifies risk before health episode occurrence at the job; more than 26% of worker's comp claims are a result of a preventable health episode; this is an industry first and we have the most significant Risk Management Technology Solution.

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we already deliver

what others are brainstorming!

Real Strategy to reduce the number, size, and frequency of claims!


  • Benefit Delivery is from a single URL, single source login + password, vendor agnostic platform
  • Patient engagement is the blockbuster drug of the decade - now available right at your fingertips
  • All employer benefits +  services are delivered from Member Dashboard - Healthcare, 401(k), Dental, Disability + more
  • Members can manage their Healthcare + Family's Healthcare from Member Dashboard
  • The administrative cost for our solution is the most competitive PEPM pricing in the country
  • Quality + Customer Service leads the industry and is simple and easy to use
  • We make it possible to better manage Workers Comp Risk from Healthcare and Biometric Data Integration, this is an industry first and we have the most significant Risk Management Technology Solution


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Veridence 365

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Save time and money! Only Veridence 365 provides plan administrators/employers a single, easy-to-use platform from which they can measure and manage their health plan's pharmacy, medical, and disease management data. This integrated approach saves companies time and money, freeing benefits administrators to focus on plan optimization, wellness initiatives, etc. Read More


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